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The Science of Biology

Name __________________________ HR_____
Date ______________
A logical interpretation based on prior knowledge and experience.
Process of noticing and describing events or processes in a careful orderly manner.
Organized way of gathering and analyzing evidence about the natural world.
Well-tested explanation that unifies a broad range of observations and hypotheses (2 words).
All organisms grow and ____ or become more complex.
Part of the Earth in which life exists including land, water, and air or atmosphere.
Genetic material that organisms inherit from their parents.
Type of reproduction in which cells from two parents unite to form the first cell of a new organism.
Basic unit of all forms of life
Signal to which an organism responds
Possible explanation for a set of observations or possible answer to a scientific question.
The scientific study of life.
A _____ experiment is an experiment in which only one variable is changed.
Relatively constant internal physical and chemical conditions that an organism maintains.
The ____ variable is the variable that is observed and changes in response to the independent variable.
A point of view that is personal rather than scientific.
When a group of organisms change over time, they _______.
Group in an experiment that is exposed to the same conditions as the experimental group except for one, the independent variable.
The combination of chemical reactions through which an organism builds up or breaks down materials.
The ____ variable is the factor in a controlled experiment that is deliberately changed or manipulated.
A reaction to a stimulus is called the organism's ______.
Information gathered from observations.
Type of reproduction involving a single parent that results in offspring genetically identical to the parent.