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Plant Processes

Teacher: Eileen Gariepy
Transports sugar from leaves to stem and roots
Organelle that converts glucose into ATP energy
Chemicals in one part of an organism that affect a different part of the organism
Organelle that converts light energy to glucose
Mechanisms by which organism adjusts to changes in it's environment
Capable of making own food
Transport that moves from a low concentration to high
Main function of leaves
What happens to Co2 in atmosphere when plants are removed
Part of a cell that is selectively permeable and helps maintain homeostasis
Openings in leaf where transpiration takes place
Main energy source in cell respiration
Plant trichomes secrete toxic substances that kill these
Nitrogen fixing provides nitrogen to consumers
Transports water and minerals up from the roots
Common ancestor to all plants
Has a nucleus and organelles
Plant hormone Auxin makes plant grow towards sun
Water loss does this when large leaves are shaded
Cactus leaves change to spines because of arid climate
First plants with a water vascular system
Plants absorb CO2 out of atmosphere and nutirents recycle through living organisms in this cycle
Transports nutrients from roots to reproductive tissues of plants
Plant tissue made that helped plants colonize onto land