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Colonial Society on the Eve of Revolution

Mr. Harris
The leading industry that involved 90% of the people
Geometric triad of buying and sell
Approved form of fund-raising amusement
Edited Poor Richard's Almanack
A colorful "new light" center of learning
John Peter Zenger was charged with this crime
The colony with the highest population in 1775
Preacher George
The power of this was often used by colonial legislatures
Shared history, culture and __ set the stage for uniting the colonies
Religious revival that began in New England
"for the public good" in Latin
"a favorite and frequently fatal remedy" performed by doctors or barbers
Preached "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God"
1733 law aimed at limiting trade between the colonies and French west Indies
Members of the Church of England were called this
Colonial region with the most schools