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Art of Europe

American artist Benjamin West painted “Devout Men Taking the Body of Saint ______” in 1776 for a church in London. (G246)
The large porcelain birds in Gallery 142 were made in the 1730’s in _____ Germany, the first place in Europe to produce true hard-paste porcelain.
The hallway that connects the European wing to the American Wing also contains two period rooms from English estates: one is an oak-paneled dining room from ___ ____ in Scotland. (G241A)
Gallery 218 contains a fresco “The Crucifixion” c1360, attributed to an unidentified artist called ‘Master of the _____ Coronation’.
Display cases in Gallery 242 contain blue and white Dutch ceramics, less costly earthenware imitations of the Chinese porcelain Dutch merchants imported. They were made in dozens of small factories in the city of ________.
The Swan collection of French furniture in Gallery 245 includes a fall front secretary (desk) and chest of drawers made c1788 for Queen Marie-Antoinette’s bedchamber at the ____ _____.
The Kunstkammer Gallery (G143) contains a pitcher (ewer) made of silver gilt mounts around an ______ egg. (on shelf in case to right as you enter)
Edgar Degas’ “Little Fourteen-Year-Old Dancer” was cast in bronze c1921, after his death. It was originally made of ___. (G255)
Half-way down corridor 206 (on the right coming from the rotunda),there is a small marble relief by Donatello called “Madonna of the ______” from 1425-35.
The Koch Gallery (G250) has a portrait El Greco painted in 1609 of his friend, Fray Hortensio____ Paravicino, who was a theologian, orator and poet.