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Sept.25 2018 ELL 4

When you have a lot to do and it's not easy you may feel .....
What you do for work
Very tiring
...................... is how you may feel when you don't do what you should.
The opposite of cooperative
Very rare possibility - the odds are not in your favour
When you care very much about something, you are .....
When you are forced to leave a country
To be doing many things at the same time!
To express you view in a public demonstration
When you care deeply about something, you are
When you don't take care of something .
When you work hard you can feel the work was......
A country's song
When something is extremely bad - it is.....
Students signing up for a class
Something that is done in you country.
When you are asked something you need .....
Extremely happy
Of importance to your topic