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Chapter 8.1-8.4 SCIENCE

A form of physical weathering which is caused by cracks in rocks or other surfaces filled with water, freeze, and expand
Slow downslope movement of of rock & soil
Moving of sediment that can effect on rockfalls, landslides, and mudflows
Breaking down of rock by other rock
The process of "dropping" sediment in a new location
Rock broken into pieces
Large stream of water flowing into ocean or lake
Mounds of wind-deposited sand
Increased elevation on Earth's surfaces
A hole in the ground thats formed when a cave collapses
Breaking down of rocks by chemical reactions
Where a stream deposits its loads
All the materiel carried by a glacier
The measure of the change in elevation over a certain distance
The braking down of rock
Body of fresh or salt water surrounded by land
Boundary between land and ocean
Minerals at the bottom of a lake, ocean, or river
The moving of sediment
Thick deposits of windblown sand