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How did the Constitution Guard Against Tyranny : Vocabulary

The system of ________________ and balances keeps one branch of government from having too much power over another.
Someone that was elected to represent others.
A document that embodies the fundamental laws and principles by which the United States is governed.
A ______________________ government is a political authority that governs an entire nation
Highest ranking executive of a company. In the United States, this is the job of the President.
When a government has a cruel ruler that can be a dictator or a king.
The Constitutional ________________________________ was The gathering that drafted the Constitution of the United States
Branch in charge of passing laws and impeaching officials
Articles of ____________________________ was the original constitution of the United States.
Branch in charge of commands the military and is run by the President
______________________ of powers is the act of creating 3 different branches of government that perform different task.
In charge of running the Supreme Court and reviewing laws.