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Art of the Ancient World

• A figure of the god Anubis, in the form of a jackal, sits atop the outer coffin of this wife of an Egyptian priest (Gallery 109).
• On the Mixing Bowl (Bell Krater) Attributed to the Pan Painter, in Gallery 113, who is the goddess who exacts revenge against Aktaion for surreptitiously observing her at her bath?
• The monumental statue of Juno in Gallery 207 made the journey to the MFA in 2011 from what Massachusetts community?
• The Offering Chapel in Gallery 209B sat atop the burial chamber of which Egyptian official?
• From what type of stone is the paired relief of King Menkaura and Queen (Gallery 207) carved?
• The Bersha Coffins (Gallery 119) were made for which Egyptian official?
• What is the name of the archeologist who led the Harvard/MFA Expedition that discovered the Colossal Alabaster Statue of King Menkaura (Gallery 108) at Giza?
• The large, exquisitely detailed relief of a Winged Protective Deity (Gallery 110) was excavated at the site of the Northwest Palace of what Assyrian king?
• What is the name of the goddess of victory who drives a chariot on a masterfully crafted golden earring in Gallery 210A?
• What was the name of Queen Hatshepsut’s father, for whom she recut the quartzite sarcophagus in Gallery 210?
• The Beadnet Dress in Gallery 105 was excavated from the tomb of a female contemporary of which Egyptian king?
• The intricately carved scene on the marble sarcophagus in Gallery 213, depicts the triumph of what Greek god?