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Economy; govt. controls some major industries; some free enterprise; higher taxes fund govt. spending; socialism
Refers to countries with rapidly increasing GDP and HDI in spite of historically high dept and poverty
Study of independent/ specific indicators that relate to individual and business choices in the economy
All the human labor required for the production and distributed of a good or service
__ Incentives; one's behavior is shaped by personal value system and the concept of right and wrong
Data driven, scientific research
Decisions between two or more options
Combined value of all goods and services bought, sold, and produced in a year
Highly developed country; refers to "first world" country
Economy; govt. controls all industries overseas the production and distribution of all goods; communism
All the man-made resources used in the production of a good or service
__ Incentives; one's behavior is based on what is socially accepted
Economy; manly free enterprise but govt. sets laws and organizes programs intended to promote economic progress and consumer safety
An overall measure of the well being of a people in a given nation, as a measure of their capacity for economic growth and stability
Least developed country; "third world" nations, these countries has a high level of extreme poverty and many citizens lack access to basic health care and infrastructure
Story or evidence based information
All the natural resources used in the production of a good or service
Refers to the limited supply of any resource
Economy; govt. plays a major role in economic planning and production
Study of the behaviors and trends in the economy as a whole; "big picture" economics
The option one sacrifices/ does not chose in a trade off
Economy; free enterprise is the prime mover of all economic activity; true capitalism
The creative minds and business people who are essential to the development or improvement of a good, service or technology
Custom and cultural values steer all economic activities
__ Incentives; prizes, money or other material gain award for a desired behavior