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Branches of Science Crossword Puzzle

The study of birds
A person who studies the relationships between heat and other forms of energy
People who study the atmoshphere
A branch of anthropology that studies the effects of language on human's social life
A branch of oceanography; The study of the ecosystem of the oceans
A branch of physics; The study of properties of sound
A branch of biology; The study of the effects of extremely low temperature on living things
A person who studies the Earth's climate
The study of plants
The study of viruses
The application of chemistry to a crime scene
The study of the origin and development of the universe
The study of chemical effects of light
The study of insects
A branch of biology; The study of microorganisms
A person who studies human history through the recovery and analysis of sites and artifacts
People who study lives existed in prehistoric time by examining fossils
The branch of biology that studies embryos
The study of fungi
The study of poisons