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Planet Earth: Deserts

In one day, each lizard may catch______ flies.
Australia is the world's most ______ continent with blistering daytime temperatures.
When resources are limited _______ is never far away.
What actually kills animals here is the lack of _____.
Reptiles have armored________ that can protect them from the stinging grains.
Not all deserts are _________
These crevices contain the _____ density of lizards in the world.
They are all called flat lizards and have ______ bellies.
This causes the cacti to drip with dew.
The sun's heat and ability to evaporate _______ has a profound effect on everything here.
The Fennec foxes have very large _________ which help them radiate heat.
Sand storms can reduce visibility in areas the size of ________.
The high can be _____ degrees centigrade and can drop to minus 40 degrees.
Most small desert creatures are _______.
The relentless power of the _____ ensures that the desert is always changing.
This is the ________ desert in the world.
An adult locust eats its entire________ everyday.
Death Valley is the ______ place on earth.
A______ of the land on our planet is desert
The dominant ibex's rank earns him the loyalty of a harem of ________.
When competitors are evenly matched, duels can last an ________.
Toads have _______ skin and would quickly die from desiccation out in the daytime heat.
In the full sun, the temperatures on the ground soar to _______ degrees.
Some of the biggest cacti are the __________.
With little to no ______ to retain the water on the land, like here is scarce.