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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Geography Terms

Name ____________________

Homeroom ___________
The study of the Earth's features and natural resources.
Pictures on a map that represent something in the real world.
Shows the cardinal and intermediate directions.
This chart shows you what the symbols on the map mean.
This type of map shows the number of people who live in an area.
A sphere shaped model of the Earth.
This line is at 0 degrees latitude and is very hot.
The largest areas of land on the earth.
This continent has 3 countries, Canada, U.S., and Mexico.
Maps cause this change in the size and shape of a place.
This word means half of the Earth.
This continent is below the Southern Ocean.
The areas at the top and bottom of the Earth.
A term that means all the water covering the Earth.
A flat model of the earth.
This line of longitude divides the Earth into the western and eastern hemispheres.
This shows the distance between places on the map.
This is the largest continent in the world.