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Branches Of Science

The study of energy, characteristics of matter, forces and how physical laws interact with one another
The study of the atmosphere
To state ahead of time what will happen based upon what you already know
The study of matter and how it changes
To share scientific findings with others
To group things based on their similarities and differences
The study of Earth
To investigate a topic by reading about it to become more knowledgeable on the subject
The study of life
To use your 5 senses to form a conclusion
A small organ
The study of water
The study of space
The study of life during pre-historic times
The process of changing and growing
To state a possible solution to a problem
An object that can make extremely small things visible through a lense
The study of the environment
The study of qualities that have been given to you by your parents and other relatives through your blood
To form a conclusion based upon past experience or prior knowledge