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Design Process Steps Vocabulary

Teacher: Gilpin
the study of the natural world, focuses on how and why things happen.
the product produced should clearly match the design and show refinement throughout the engineering design process
models and prototypes can be conceptual (are abstract models that use language and graphic-based representations to convey meaning), mathematical (are abstract models that use the language of mathematics to describe the behavior of the solution) or physical (are three-dimensional models, which represent the solution).
the engineering design journal and/or an electronic version of the engineering design journal should be kept to record daily interaction with the design problem. This represents your ideas and thoughts throughout the process
is a systematic, iterative problem solving method which produces solutions to meet human wants and desires.
is a linear method for conducting an investigation, which involves making an observation and performing an experiment to test a hypothesis
this is an essential step in the engineering design process, and is what makes this process unique. The design is constantly reviewed and revised throughout the process so that an ideal solution is developed.
limitations of the design when developing a solution.
includes developing a problem statement that identifies the what, who, when and how the problem should be addressed.
a way to manage simple projects, which includes the who, what, when, where and how to deliver the work, how the solution will be evaluated and often includes descriptions, sketches and technical drawings.
includes working as a group to develop ideas for possible solutions, record your ideas and employ the rules of brainstorming.
guidelines to help develop a solution
are necessary so that ideas remain unique and are not traditional
determining how to proceed in the engineering design process is based on a schedule or some type of matrix that outlines all ideas based on the criteria and constraints.
this step in the engineering design process is used to evaluate the model/prototype against the given criteria and constraints, all tests should be developed during the design proposal phase.