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The membrane bound region of a eukaryotic cell that contains the generic material
A spherical structure within a eukaryotic cells nucleus where ribosomes are manufactured
An organism consisting of only one cell
Structures found within the cytoplasm of cells that perform the various functions cells need to stay alive
The cellular organelle in which aerobic respiration takes place to release energy from food
The structure within the cells that helps define their shape, maintains internal organization, and aids in division and movement
A short hair like extension of a cell used either for movement or as sensory organelle
The thick fluid inside cells that contains the organelles
The cullular organelle that processes and packages proteins in preparation for secreting them from a cell
A thin layer of phospholipids and proteins that defines the boundary of the cell
Describes cells lacking a true nucleus and membrane bound organelles
A rigid structure made by cells of plants, fungi, and most bacteria to surround the cell membrane
Describes cells having a true nucleus as well as membrane bound organelles
Individual organisms of the same species living closely together
An organism consisting of two or more cells and whose cells may not live independently apart from the organism
A whip like cellular organelle similar in structure to a cilium but longer and primarily used for movement in many bacteria
The cellular organelle that directs the protein building process