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Physical Science Test3

What is used to measure the heat involved in physical and chemical changes?
What is the process by which heat flows between objects in direct contact?
What type of deformation is a combination of stretching & compressing?
Transfer of thermal energy without matter
What prefix = 10
Absolute zero is part of which temperature scale?
Which law is used when temp is constant
An equation is known as a ______ sentence.
Hidden heat is referenced as ____ heat
Gas changing directly to solid
The orderly process that scientists use to investigate
Ability to do work
the fundamental force between 2 masses
Liquid -> solid
What is the word used to reference the portion of the universe being studied?
Tendency of an object to float in a fluid
the energy of motion
Liquids that evaporate slowly
Gas -> liquid
what prefix equals .001?
Moving current that transfers fluid
Solid -> liquid
The ratio of the density of a substance to the density of a standard
The amount of disorder in a system
How closely a measurement is to the actual value
What is the word used to reference everything not being studied in thermodynamics?
Which law of thermodynamics restates the law of conservation of energy?
The repeatability of a measurement
Liquid -> gas
Law that measures extent of deformation
What device is made of a double wall that doesn’t allow heat to escape?
State of matter that exists at extremely high temps
Most important component of a heat pump
the idea that the universe is lawful and orderly is the principle of ______
amount of space matter takes up
The amount of force per unit area
What prefix equals 1000?