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Action Verbs

Mrs. Saul and Mr. Brazon's ESOL Class
NLA Newcomers Language Academy
Bluffton-South Carolina
to cleanse (as of soap) by clear water
free from a liquid especially water
to pay attention to sound
to touch with the lips as affection or greeting
To move your hand from side to side as a way of greeting.
To sit on a horse or a bicycle and travel along on it
to control the course of a vehicle
to give money to someone for something you want
to move on a surface using skates
to form or have in the mind.
to remove hair from the body with a razor
to prepare food for eating
to look at something
Going down suddenly and involuntarily
to take liquid into the mouth
sudden violent expiration of breath through the nose
To be in the state of rest when your eyes are closed
To produce tears
to cleanse by the action of liquid
to open the mouth wide and take a lot of air into the lungs
to separate into parts
to divide into parts with an edged tool
to take something with your hands and transport it from one place to another.
to hold someone or something close to your body with your arms
to tidy your hair using a comb