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Muslim/Jewish Crossword

A day of fasting in Judaism
Place of worship for Jews
Islam's holiest city
Islamic holiday marks the end of Ramadan
Story of Abraham's offer to sacrifice Isaac read on Rosh Hashanah
Holy Islamic holiday honoring Ibrahim for willingness to sacrifice his son
Jewish dietary laws
Judaism and Islam are religions that believe in one God
Number of times a Muslim prays each day
Islam's holiest place in Jerusalem
The meaning of Islam
Obligation to give charity in Islam
Obligation to give charity in Judaism
Holiest Scripture for Jews
Meat prepared by Muslim law
Building at the center of Islam's holiest mosque
Most important Jewish prophet
Jewish law
Jewish spiritual ethics
Place of worship for Muslims
Founder and prophet of Islam
"There is no God but Allah. Muhammed is the messenger of God."
Holiest Scripture for Muslims
Judaism's holiest city
Judaism's holiest place in Jerusalem
Words and actions from Muhammad that give religious guidance
Number of times a traditional Jew prays each day
"Hear O Israel Adonai is our God, Adonai is One."
Pilgrimage to Mecca
The first Jewish person
A month of fasting in Islam
Meaning of salaam and shalom