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Art Foundations Typography Review

The lightness or darkness of a color.
Royalty, wealth
Three hues that form an equilateral triangle on the color wheel.
Purity, innocence, truth, light
A mixture of a primary and a secondary. Ex. Blue-Green.
A way of combining similar elements in art work to accent their similarities.
A color plus white
Repeated use of the same element to create an overall design.
Refers to the distribution of visual weight in a work of art.
Pattern created by elements that are varied.
A principle of design used to create the look and feeling of action and to guide the viewer's eye throughout the work of art.
Green, Violet, Orange.
A color plus black
Calm, sothing
The use of an element of art over and over again to create an overall design.
How bright or dull a color is.
Colors that are opposite on the color wheel
White, black, gray, brown.
A principle of design concerned with diversity or contrast.
A Principle of design that indicates movement, created by the careful placement of repeated elements in a work of art.
Tints and shades of one color.
A way of combining elements by using a series of gradual changes in those elements.
Pure black, pure white and a variety of grays.
The name or family of a color.
Bad luck, mournful, dramatic
A color plus gray
The way we see light reflected from a surface or refracted through a prism.
Colors that are next to each other on the color wheel.
Cannot be produced by mixing any other colors together.
Evil, danger