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Music Theory I

Gradually slower
As fast as possible
High pitch male voice
Cello, Viola, and Violin belong to this family.
Medium Soft
Very loud
Trumpet, Tuba and Trombone belong to this family.
It indicates how many notes and what kind of notes are in a measure
Lively and quick
Medium loud
Very soft
The symbol placed before a note to raise it on half step.
Moderate pace
A note that lasts for four beats
Fast and lively
A series of five lines and four spaces where the notes are placed
Strongly marked
A note that lasts for one beat.
Very quick
Increasing volume
Flute, Oboe, Bassoon, and Saxophone belong to this family.
A sign which signifies a measured silence.
Very slow and broad
It is commonly used clef in music
Decreasing volume
Drums, claves, cowbell, and bongos belong to this family.
Gradually faster
Separated, in a detached style
The symbol placed before a note to lower it by one half step.
A note that lasts 1/4 beat.
High pitch female voice
Play with force
Low pitch female voice
Slow, walking pace
A note that lasts for 1/2 beat.
A whole rest is equal to ____ beats.
Low pitch male voice