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Citizenship Vocabulary Words

The 14th amendment gave African Americans ------- in the U.S.
A word that means, the ability to make legal decisions.
A ----- is created through the legislative branch.
The constitutional amendment that gives you 5 rights (RAPPS).
Something that you SHOULD do as a citizen.
Having a variety of something.
You are entitled to certain -------- as a citizen of the U.S.
Loyalty to someone or something. EX: I pledge ------- to the flag....
Being responsible or reliable.
The process of becoming a citizen.
Reliance upon your own mind, body and resources.
Coming to live in a foreign country is called ------.
Procedures followed when someone is convicted of a crime.
Someone who possesses certain duties and responsibilities and who, by birth or choice owes their alliance to their government.
If you do not fulfill your -------- as a citizen, you will face legal consequences.