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Sentence stucture grammar words

In grammar this means that the elements of a sentence match up with each other.
A type of sentence that has a dependent clause and an independent clause.
A type of object that follows the verb and answers the question "whom?" or "what?"
A word that links one clause to another.
A clause that stands on its own.
A type of sentence that has two independent clauses joined with "and" or "but."
The noun or pronoun in a sentence that does the action or thing.
The verb of a sentence and everything that comes after it.
The object of this is a noun or pronoun and makes up a phrase such as "in the house." The word 'in' is this.
A clause that is not a complete sentence.
A group of words with a subject and predicate.
A type of object that comes between the verb and direct object and answers the question "to whom or what?" or "For whom or what?"