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Soil Orders

Acidic soils; coniferous soils; cool, moist climates; infertile
Newish soil; minimal horizon development; used for forestry, recreation, and watershed
Contain permafrost, very cold climates, high mountain elevations
Highly weathered; intertropical regions; low fertility
Mostly organic material, wetlands, restricted engineering in these areas
Moderately leached, high fertility, found in temperate humid and subhumid regions, productive soils for agriculture
Formed in volcanic areas, high water holding capacity
Strongly leached; acidic forest soils; low fertility; found in humid and tropical regions
New soil, great diversity, soils that don't fit in any other category
Arid regions; limited leaching; mainly used for range, wildlife, and recreation
Thick, dark A horizon; grassland ecosystems; fertile; most important for ag.
High in clay; shrink and swell; bad for engineering purposed