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Science vocab By:Brevyn P.

When organisms depend on each other to survive
The weather in an area over a long period of time
Land ecosystems
Diferent living things in an environment
The amount of one organism
A chart that includes multiple food chains
Large bodys of freshwater
A type of forest that gets incredible amounts of rain
The ability to do work. Example: sunlight
Small bodys of freshwater
Dry grasslands found in Africa
All the living and non-living thing in an environment
A very large aquatic ecosystem that seperates continents
Consumers that only eat plants
An organism that is alive or was once alive
An ecosystem that is very sandy and gets almost no rain
Consumers that eat both plants amd animals
Forests that have trees such as oak,maple,and beech
Things that never were alive and never will be alive
Organisms that get energy from eating other living things
The process in which plants make food
A green pigment, found in all green plants
Organisms that use sunlight,CO2,and water to make food
Salwater wetlands
Organisms that get energy by breaking down animal waste and dead organisms
Consumers that eat only meat
Large bodys of brackish water
Water in with a mixture of satwater and freshwater
A chart that shows how energy from the sun flows through living things
Water ecosystems