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Science vocabulary week 2-7

a simple machine consisting of a bar that pivots at a fixed point, called the fulcrum
A simple machine consisting of a grooved wheel that holds a rope or a cable; a load is attached to one end and an input force is applied to the other end
Any device that lets you do work in an easier or more effective way
A force that opposes motion between two surfaces that are touching.
The rate at which velocity changes
Force that causes an object to move in a circle
The rate at which work is being done
A rate a which nothing changes
An inclined plane that is wrapped in spiral
The energy of motion .After potential energy is released it changes into this energy as it begins to move
The force of attraction between two masses
Distance traveled per unit of time
A change in position over time
A simple machine that is a straight, slanted surface
Force that results no motion
Also called stored energy .the energy is stored because of its position
Speed and direction
An object at rest wills at rest unless acted upon directional force
A push or pull
An SI unit of force equivalent to the force that produces an acceleration of one meter per second on a mass of one kilogram.
A double inclined plane that moves
When you exert a force that causes an object to move a distance in the same direction of the force