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Adam Clark 5A Social Studies Crossword Puzzle

The study of how people meet their wants and needs
The amount of good or service available
Decline in economic growth for at least 6 months
Exchange of goods and services in a market
An organized way for producers and consumers to trade
An arrangement in which a buyer can borrow money and pay in the future
A factor that encourages people to act in a certain way
A certificate promising to pay back borrowed money with interest
The difference between wants and reality
Desire for a certain good or service
A tax on imports and exports
Using money in hope of future profit
Share of ownership in a company
Removal of trade barriers
Act of concentrating on a limited number of goods or activities
Goods and services sold in one and produced in another
The money left over
The cost of what you have to give up
The general increase in price
People or businesses that buyer costume products
The struggle among producers for consumers money
Goods and services produced in a country and sold at its borders
A plan that shows income and expense on a period of time
Setting aside money of future use
The price paid for borrowing money
The money earned by selling goods and services