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Judaism Vocabulary

An agreement established long ago between God and the ancient Israelites
House of worship
God's Chosen People
Follows tradition but recognizes needs for changes & modifications when necessary
A prayer garment with 4 specially knotted fringes on its four corners which symbolize religious obligations
Covenant emphasizes this
God spoke first through this holy man
Platform is the raised area from which much of the prayer service at the synagogue is conducted
This was destroyed by the Romans in AD 70
Candelabrum with 7 lights
Means teacher
Recited at least twice daily
"Hear O Israel! The Lord is our God, the Lord alone."
God spoke to him on Mt. Sinai- 10 Commandments
A more liberal form of judaism
Head covering worn as a sign of reverence to God
Traditional Judaism acknowledging the binding authority of Jewish Law
The Law
Houses the Torah
A kingdom of priests and a holy nation
First five books of the Bible
God's treasured possession
Leads the congregation in the chanting of prayers and often teaches the Bar & Bat Mitzvah children
This was a radical religious development, marking it as a major contribution to Western Civilization
Circumcision ceremony
Five books of Moses, handwritten in Hebrew in parchment by a qualified Jewish scribe, put on wooden rollers- sacred text
Head covering worn as a sign of reverence to God