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Sociology of Living Life

The process through which we learn culture and sense of self
To ________ is human nature.
Part of the process in involuntary resocialization
Total institutions require "inmates" to do this.
According to dramaturgical analysis, actors do this type of management
Brightly colored part of a flower.
Usually the first and most important agent of socialization
This is the social self according to Mead.
From a symbolic interactionist perspective, human reality is socially _____________
This suggests that a sense of self comes from interpretation of how others view us
Group with instrumental orientation
This stage the child learns to "take the role of the other"--but only one role at a time
Characteristic of bureaucracy (abbr)
12" in length
Exclusionary membership
The last phase when looking in the "mirror".
Minimizes role conflict
A digit of the human foot
This type of group is long-lasting and members form a strong bond
Parents are one type of this important lifelong process
Status inconsistency occurs when there is a ______number of social positions.
This happens when we look in the "mirror"
A long lasting debate regarding human development
Those actively campaigning for their party's nominee are part of a __________ organization
Effective involuntary resocialization occurs here
Through this process, we see ourselves from another's point of view
A large status set often causes this.
This forms only after reaching the game stage.
Received no social interaction for first 13 years of life.
Your dog or cat is this.
A primary color
There is a reciprocity between them.
Can happen when you walk into a new situation unprepared
In the morning we usually see the rising . . .
A duo of a pair!
A totalitarian institution is this type of organization
A soldier will have a variety of duties, expectations, and responsibilities. S/he has a very large _________.
Resocialization speed
Looking Glass Self theorist
Folks similar in age and lifestyle
One form of nonverbal communication
He researched group conformity in a laboratory setting.