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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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What is Science?

Name: ___________________________________

Date: ____________________________________
You can hunt and eat this!
This information is collected during an experiment
Isis likes to make fun of Mr. D. for having no hair!
Description of what happens in nature when observed under specific conditions
Aladdin's pet monkey
The pursuit of knowledge
The opposite of OFF
Factual statements
Big _____ _____ (initials)
A man with a big tummy
Opposite of OPINIONS
2nd step of the Scientific Method
Magical robot things that sometimes get their heads knocked off!
Someone's personal view that isn't based on fact
The Scientific ______
Mr. D.'s favorite rapper!
Test to find out if something is true
To carefully examine something using many ways of thought
McDonalds most famous sandwich
Another word for SICK
Explanation for natural phenomena
When you gather and examine data
What you gather during an observation
Science that isn't scientific
Critical thinking process
Statements that describe facts
Collecting information by seeing, smelling, tasting, hearing, and feeling
What ____?
What do some people call their mother?
Yummy yummy _____!