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All About Salem, Oregon

Teacher: Terri Ault
Native American tribe and the original inhabitants of the area now known as Salem.
What is the oldest industry in Salem?
Name the university, located in Salem, that was started by missionaries and originally named the Oregon Institute.
What is the name of the capitol city of the 33rd state?
What is the Salem’s largest employer?
A Kalapuya word meaning possibly “resting place” or “meeting place” and is commonly heard in the Salem area because of a local community college.
90% of the world’s supply of this berry is grown in and around Salem. What is this berry?
Name the missionary that came to Oregon in 1834 with the goal of creating a school to educate and civilize the Native American population and ultimately led to the establishment of Willamette University.
What waterway did Virgil K. Pringle name after himself?
Marion County is not the county’s original name. What was the county names prior to 1849?
In what county is Salem, Oregon located?
What is the name of the capitol city of the 33rd state?