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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Grade 6, 7 & 8 Chapter 8

A story that uses examples to demonstrate a truth
Jesus did everything for love of his ______________.
Jesus' greatest collection of teachings .
He pours His Grace through these
The family that ______ together, stays together
A task or duty, being sent somewhere to do something
Each part of the Liturgical year is symbolized by a certain_______
Jesus' threefold mission: Priest, _______ and King.
Biggest Feast of the year are ___________, Christmas and Easter
Saints in Heaven
Because of Baptism and ________ every Christian has a duty to share the truths of God
The Holy Family should be our ________.
We are anointed at _____ and Confirmation
4th Commandment: __________ your father and mother
Who is the one true Priest?
As the Redeemer, Jesus is the new _______.