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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Grade 7- Word of the Day Group 3

After much practice on the basketball court, you will be able to ____ the ball with much more control.
After working with the man for several months, it was clear that he was not a sincere person, he was no more than a _______.
The _____ expression on the woman's face showed that she was not impressed by the actions of the people surrounding her at the event.
The driver's exam book _____ all the information you will need to pass the test.
The parrot at the pet store is able to ______ the voices of the patronizing customers.
Based on Sue's _____ and inviting personality, I believe she will be our best choice for class president.
The issue will never be resolved until the two agree to _____ one another directly to discuss their opposing views.
He recognized his ______ immediately in the line up.
Due to ____ weather, the trip was delayed for two days.
The unsettling winds began to ______ the smooth and peaceful water.