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Guided by God's Grace

Teacher: Darien Maguire
Seriously harms our relationship with God
The 7 deadly attitudes is a ________ of something good
Confidence and trust in God and his promises
A sin in failure to act when responsible to do so
Compassion and kindness toward a person
The greatest virtue
Latin for hinge; the hinges on which the door of moral life swings
Sin of "more, more, more"
Sin of relaxing to the point of ignoring friends, family, responsibilities
Jesus' teachings about right living
Virtues directly related to God and the life of grace we live through the Holy Spirit
Firm attitude or action enables us to do good
Virtues: Prudence, Justice, Fortitude, Temperance
Virtue of moderation and restraint
Seven deadly attitudes
One of the 4 pillars of Catholic faith
The foundation of Jesus' teaching about moral life
The strength to do what is right even when it is difficult
Symbol of Salvation
Eating and drinking TOO much
Failure to love God and neighbor
a special help from God to DO good and AVOID evil