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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Planet Earth: Caves

Many caves are like _________ because they are cut off from the outside world and from other caves.
The water in the Villa Luz Cave is white because it contains _______.
When stalactite meet stalagmite a ________ is born.
Caves are one of the few habitats on Earth not directly powered by ________.
For 500 years, people have been harvesting the nests of _______.
Flooded underground caves in Mexico used to support the great civilization of the _______.
The biggest challenge that permanent cave dwellers face is finding a regular and reliable source of _____.
This cave is considered the "ultimate discovery." It contains six meter long crystals.
The cave of swallows is the _________ cave shaft in the world.
Where is Deer Cave located?
What do cave angel fish eat?
What is the name of the cave whose limestone has been eaten away by sulfuric acid?
What feeds on bat droppings and anything that falls in it?
What do bats eat?
What are swiftlets' cup-like nests made of?
What does the cave glow worm use to trap prey?
Many rocky______ were actually formed underwater.
Bat droppings are called ______.
_________ are animals that never emerge from caves or see daylight.
The cave of swallows is located here.
Caves are powered by ________.
What are the things that look like stalactite-like formations known as?
________ are created by the mechanical pounding of the waves.
Cave swiftlests are birds that rely on their loud ______ to find their way in total darkness.