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Geometry Vocab for Angles

Acute           Obtuse
Right             Supplementary
Straight         Complementary
Vertex            Degrees
Protractor      Angle Addition
Interior           Exterio
Congruent       Bisect

Instrument used to measure angles
Angles whose sum is 180
An angle whose measure is less than 90
An angle more than 90
This postulate says that two smaller anles can be added to equal a larger angle
The unit used to measure angles
Mrs. Dodds is always _____. Also an angle that is exactly 90
Exactly the same shape and size
The inside of an angle
Angles whose sum is 90
Points that are not on the same line
An angle that is exactly 180
Points that are on the same line
To divide into two equal pieces
An angle OUTSIDE of the given angle
This is the endpoint shared by two rays that make an angle