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The Ocean Depths

Teacher: Deaundre Guy
Some mid-water fish developed for sight
Worm-like predators with fins along the body and spines on the head.
Charecteristic shell of the ostracods
Depths between 4,000 and 6,000m
Particles of dead organic matter
Tiny crustaceans that are often planktonic
Similar manner to countershading
Deep depressions in the sea floor
Gas filed sac to help bony fish control their buoyancy
Shrimp-like crustaceans
Everything 6,000m and below
Blood protein that transports oxygen
Depths between 0 and 200 m
Prominent members of the mid-water community
Darkest point of the ocean
Organic matter
A global circulation pattern
Pattern of coloration
Individuals with both males and female gonads
What plants use to make food
Undersea hot springs
"Living light"
Depths between 1,000 and 4,000m
Depths between 200 and 1,000m
Very abundant in the mesopelagic