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Psychology Chapter 1
Private, unobservable mental processes such as sensation, perception, thought and problem solving
The psychology perspective that emphasizes the influence of biology on behavior
The school of psychology, founded by Sigmund Freud, that emphasizes the importance of unconscious motives and conflicts as determinants of human behavior
The school of psychology that emphasizes the tendency to organize perceptions into meaningful wholes
The perspective that stresses the influences of unconscious forces on human behavior
An examination of one's own thoughts and feelings
The scientific study of behavior and mental processes
The school of psychology, founded by William James, that emphasizes the purposes of behavior and mental processes
The viewpoint that emphasizes the role of thought processes in determining behavior
The school of psychology, founded by John Watson, that defines psychology as the scientific study of observable behavior
In psychology, the perspective that focuses on the roles of ethnicity, gender, culture, and socioeconomic status in personality formation, behavior, and mental processes
The psychology view that assumes the existence of the self and emphasizes the importance of self-awareness and the freedom to make choices
Research that is conducted for its own sake, that is, without seeking a solution to a specific problem
The psychological point of view that emphasizes the effects of experience on behavior
A set of assumptions about why something is the way it is and happens the way it does
The school of psychology, founded by Wilhelm Wundt, that maintains that conscious experience breaks down into objective sensations and subjective feelings
Observable and measurable action of people and animals