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Cell Structure and Function

Sites of protein synthesis
Involved in cell division in animal cells
Rod shaped body that carries genetic information
Site of the production of ribosomes
Shapes and supports the cell
Controls movement into and out of the nucleus
Site of photosynthesis
Membrane surrounding the vacuole
Watery material which contains many of the materials involved in cell metabolism
A long hairlike structure used for movement
Involved in the Digestion of food within the cell
Serves as a pathway for the transport of materials throughout the cell; also associated with synthesis and storage
Gives shape and support in plant cells
Fluid filled organelles enclosed by a membrane; contains stored food or wastes
Enzymes change fatty acids to sugars
Generates ATP from sugars and other fuels
Controls movement into and out of the cell
Serves as the control center for cell metabolism and reproduction
Hairlike structures with the capacity for movement
Serves as storage centers for the secretory products of the cell