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Unit 4 Vocabulary

To obtain through special effort; to bring about
A joining together for some common purpose
Completely empty; having no legal force or effect; to cancel or nullify
To give or cause something unpleasant, impose
To discourage
Unfriendly; unfavorable;warlike, aggressive
Soaked with liquid or moisture; expressionless, dull, listless
Deadly, extremely harmful, evil, spiteful, malicious
So close as to be equivalent to the real thing
Arousing argument, dispute, or disagreement
To puzzle completely, confuse
Full of life, vigor; courageous
A clown; a coarse, stupid person
Disobedient, willful, unpredictable, capricious
The act of drawing back; to draw back suddenly as though in pain or fear
To run quickly, scamper, hurry
In agreement with established or generally accepted beliefs or ways of doing things
Easily set on fire; easily angered or aroused
To cause embarrassment or humilitation; to subdue or discipline by self-denial or suffering; to hurt someone's feelings deeply
A joining together for a common purpose
Not producing the desired results; unsuccessful