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Basic Cell Structure

by Scott
Proteins are created by the creation of long chains referred to as _________ acids.
Storage sacs found in cells.
This type of ER are important in the synthesis and storage of lipids and steroids.
Microfilaments in muscle tissue are called these.
The process of breaking down glucose is called this.
When proteins need to be made, this structure is created in the nucleus, and travels out of the nucleus to ribosomes.
This part of the cell provides strength and structure.
Microfilaments are thin, but these are thick.
These organelles create ATP.
Fluid in the nucleus of the cell.
These structures have digestive enzymes for destroying toxic materials in the cell.
Microfilaments are long thin stringy proteins made mainly of this substance.
The creation of ATP and heat in the cell is called cellular ______________.
The mitochondria also control the concentration of these ions within the cell.
Cell digestion complexes, are called these.
Proteins in the lipid layer form these to permit larger molecules, like glucose, to enter the cell.
These cellular structures help the cell divide.
H2O2 is cxalled hydrogen ___________.
Fluid found in mitochondria is called this.
The double membranes of smooth and rough ER form these sacs.
Little organ
Also called the citric acid cycle
The combination of these two proteins found in muscle help in contraction.
The _________ reticulum can release Ca+ ions as needed.
Jelly like solution of gases and organic materials is called this.
Protein producers
This nucleic acid bonds to an amino acid floating around the cytoplasm.
This type of ER is important for the synthesis and packaging of proteins.
This apparatus gathers simple molecules and combines them to make more complex molecules.
This organ tends to have many more breakdown proteins with regard to other organs.