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God is GOOD so Life is Good

Author: Salsa
Bounteous. Jesus came 2 give us an __ life. John 10:10
Give. God likes 2 __ good gifts. James 1:17
R able. 2 B happy, think about what U __ do, not what U can't
Decorative doily or trim
Home run. Discipline @ the plate turns a strike into a __
Pledged. Heaven is the __ Land
Greek Ionian Sea island or New York city
Iniquity. __ ruins your life...& your afterlife!
Toupee or mat
Spring, summer, fall or winter. Nature gives 2 every time & __ some beauty of its own. Dickens
Conquer. Scripture helps me __ self-pity & pessimism
Senior (ab)
# fact. It's a sad __: 100 of 100 die & most R damned. Matthew 7:14
Midwest state by eerie Lake Erie
Not us. Some pursue happiness, __ create it
Large flightless bird
Nevertheless Happy (ab)
Roman #50 or Chinese tennis star __ Na
Who is responsible 4 my happiness?
Is likely. Finding something 2 look 4ward 2 __ 2 make us happy
Re-establish. __ godly habits & God will habitually __ U
Roman #4
Providing. __ U repent U won't perish. Luke 13:3
Optimistic. __ thinking keeps things in perspective. Joyce Meyer
Los Angeles (ab)
Submachine gun
Soothes. Time __ all things. Sophocles
Go inside. Ask Jesus 4 4giveness 2 __ heaven. John 3:16
Tourist Resort (ab)
Aids. Gratitude __ happiness
While, like
Accomplishment. Happiness is a byproduct of __
Lure. I'd rather bat away the __ than writhe on Satan's hooks
Ingratitude. __ breeds misery; gratitude makes me happy
Ghost. Fear is an __ that turns my happy home into a haunted house
Concept. Show me your __ life & I'll tell U Y U R miserable
Ecstasy. Be blessed with __ if U delight in God! Ps37:4
Simplest. The __ paths R the least scenic
Plotline. Give Satan an easel & he'll paint the worst case __
The Kennedy buried @ Arlington by Bobby & JFK
Sewn. 2 live happily-ever-after, obedience needs 2 B __ into optimism
Cairo mosque or boxer, Mohammad __
Spritzes. The 1 who __ perfume on others is herself perfumed
Buoyant, sunny. A __ look makes a dish a feast. G.Herbert
Vacation mementos
Instant messaging (ab)
Flourishes. The soul that delights in God __ like a palm planted by water. Psalm 1
Biblical high priest or NY QB
French 4 me
Fixes. Satan __ a table of emetic entrées B4 U
Levels. The Prince of Peace __ out our emotions
Furry friend adds life 2 my life
That is (ab)
Paintings, sculpture. __ is a window on heaven
Heiau offerings 4 island gods R wrapped in __ leaves