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Education Review Crossword Puzzle

Davis and _______ argued that education is a powerful tool that ensures that the most intelligent and talented students go on to fill the most challenging and necessary jobs in our society.
A system where people are rewarded for their efforts
23% of Americans are functionally _______
Subtle lessons that reinforce social inequalities in schools
______ Theory is concerned with the way that inequality is reproduced through the educational system
The reliance on academic degrees and formal qualifications
This country spends the highest percent of their GDP on education
Schools offers free childcare for busy working families, which is a ______ function of education.
The phenomenon where students reading and math skills drastically decline during summer months
The phenomenon where middle and upper class whites leave urban areas
Feminists have pointed out that boys are tracked to pursue math and sciences, while girls are encouraged to
Brown v. __________ desegregated the schools in the United States
______ education was systematically implemented during industrialization
______ laws absolutely prohibited educating slaves
Abilities and skills to apply numbers and math in everyday life
College enrollment rates have _____ over the last four decades
______ was an activist that argued for public education as the "great equalizer"
This country spends the most number of days in school per year