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TWC Civil Rights Division

Chapter 21 of the Texas Labor Code covers Texas _______ Law
_______ Behaviors are those that may blatantly or subtly constitute sexual harassment
________treatment is a violation when an individual of a protected class is treated less favorably than others.
The class that protects persons age 40 and older from unlawful employment practices
The basis or status of a discriminatory housing act committed because the target of the discrimination is pregnant or is the parent or guardian of an individual who is 18 or younger
An individual who brings an action or proceeding on the basis of an unlawful employment or housing practice
To lease, sublease, let, or grant the right to occupy premises not owned by the occupant
Chapter 437 of the Texas Government Code pertains to Texas _______ Forces
Unfair treatment of an individual on the basis of their membership of a protected class
A _________ Accommodation that enables an individual with a disability to use and enjoy the a dwelling
Texas Workforce Commission, Civil Rights _________
A mental or physical impairment that substantially limits at least one major life activity
A person accused of a violation in a complaint of discriminatory practice in employment or housing
Discrimination based on the pigmentation of an individual's skin
The class that protects against unlawful discrimination because of any aspect of religious observance, practice, or belief.
An inclusive term that encompasses all forms of differences.
______ Employment Opportunity Commission
Chapter 301 of the Texas Property Code is the Texas ______ Housing Act
Informal negotiations among an aggrieved person, respondent, and the commission to resolve issues raised by a complaint or investigation
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban _______
Unlawful actions taken against an individual for opposing discrimination, filing a complaint or participating in an investigation proceeding, or hearing
A structure or part of a structure intended for occupancy as a residence by one or more families
Discrimination on the bases of an immutable character associated with skin color, hair texture, or certain facial features.
_______ Origin discrimination includes discriminatory actions such as a "Speak English-Only Rule"
Class that protects individuals from discriminatory treatment because of sex or on the basis of sex