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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Willard Music Word Search #1

Can you GUESS this 3rd grade teacher?
An instrument you play with your hand, it keeps a steady beat
The highest your clip can be moved to
What Mrs. Royer teaches
Artist that wrote/sang Riptide
Name of our school
Willard owns 8 of these musical instruments
This band performed Til Kingdom Come
This band is made up of 2 guys, also they sing House of Gold
4th Grade teacher loves softball
Teaches WONDERFUL 3rd graders
Coldplay wrote this song in honor of Johnny Cash
Our school mascot
I hope this 5th grade teacher doesn't MARk on your paper
Teaches 5th grade in 312
The ONE event our whole class is preparing 3 songs for
An instrument with 88 black and white keys, ONLY Mrs. Royer is allowed to touch it
Teaches 4th grade in room 303
The town where we live
She asked me son when I grow old, will you buy me a...
Song by Vance Joy
5th grade teacher, her first name is also a continent
The weird words we say to count our rhythms
Mrs. ????? (the music teacher)
This 4th grade teacher has the longest name (in 4th grade)