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Science Vocabulary Terms for the ACT #2

Teacher: Mrs. S. Vandervort
Estimating a value of another characteristic beyond the range of a given value of another characteristic
To explain by use of examples or experiments
A finding of fault, disapproval
Result or change that occurs due to the part of an experiment being tested
The result of finding something; estimating the value of something
The plan for a controlled experiment
To make smaller or less, to decrease in size
Following accepted rules and behavior
A statement that makes something clear
A state of being controlled by something else
Producing or able to produce a desired condition
The experimental part in which all conditions are kept the same except for the condition being tested
A test made to find something out
To look at or check carefully
The connection between two variables that shows the same effect (they both increase or both decrease)
The extent of a chance that something will occur
A close connection between two ideas or two sets of data
Forming a calculation based on incomplete data
That which serves to prove or disprove something
Most nearly complete or accurate