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Science Vocabulary Terms for the ACT #3

Teacher: Mrs. S. Vandervort
To make clear by using examples
Something given as a broad statement or conclusion
Not continuous or coming at sent times
A basic part
In a controlled experiment, the variable that is being changed
Estimating a value that falls between two known values
Something that is in question
Any of the components of which something is made
A picture that explains
To study by close and careful observation
The act of telling the meaning of
The connection between two variables that shows the opposite effect (when the value of one increases, the value of the other decreases)
Testable explanation of a question or problem
The act of pointing out or pointing to something
Any device that measures, records, or visibly points out something
Not in agreement
To join or unite closely in a single body
To prove or show to be right or reasonable
An opinion formed by examining and comparing
To suggest rather than to say plainly