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ACT Science Glossary of Terms #2

Teacher: Mrs. S. Vandervort
An apparent grouping of stars in the sky that is used for identification purposes. These stars are not necessarily near each other in space since they are not necessarily the same distance from the Earth.
A unit of measure for the relative intensity of sounds
The region on a continent where new crust is being created, and the plates on either side of the rift are moving apart
The part of a vector that lies in the horizontal or vertical direction
A jelly-like substance located in the cell where all of the internal organelles can be found. The cytoplasm consists primarily of water and supports the cell and its organelles
The mass of a substance for a given unit volume. A common unit of density is grams per milliliter
A boundary between two of the Earth's plates that are moving toward each other.
The celestial coordinate similar to that of latitude on the Earth. This measures how many degrees, minutes, and seconds north or south of the celestial equator an object is.
A fan shaped deposit of material at the mouth of a river
The flow of charge past a point per unit time; it is measured in Amperes
A measure of the amount of solute that is present in a solution. A solution that contains very little solute is called dilute. A solution that contains a relatively large amount of solute is said to be concentrated.
An organelle that contains the entire DNA of the organism
A boundary between two of the Earth's plates that are moving away from each other
The last stage of the scientific method where explanations are made about why the patterns identified in the analysis section occurred.
The change in position of an object. Computed from the final position minus the initial position. Common units of measure are meters
Organelles that are the internal "bones" of the cell. They exist in thick and thin tubules.
A solid in which atoms or molecules have a regular repeated arrangement
A substance composed of more than one element that has a definite composition and distinct physical and chemical properties
The top layer on a leaf. It is a non-living layer consisting primarily of wax that is produced by the epithelium, a cell layer directly underneath