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Genesis 11-25: Father Abraham

Wife of Isaac known for her beauty and kindness
Place where Abram left his father's house; Nahor stayed behind and raised his family here
Jehovah ________, the God who Provides
Sign of the Abrahamic covenant required by all males
This was provided as a replacement for Isaac
Hometown of Abram; city of idol worship
Holy city in Israel; Abram raised flocks here; burial site of the patriarchs
First son of Abram
King of Salem, High Priest, servant-leader
Mother of Ishmael
Male leader; founding father
Means "spoiled princess"; her name was changed by God to "royal princess"
His wife was turned to a pillar of salt
"trumpet" made from the horn of a ram
Brother of Abraham; grandfather of Rebekah
Man who "believed God, and it was credited to him as righteousness"
Patriarch of Judaism, Islam and Christianity
Second wife of Abraham
His royal family was plagued when Sarai was taken as a concubine; sent Abram away with riches
Site of cave where Sarah was buried: "cave of the Patriarchs"
Character flaw of Abram; his caused consequences for others
Mountain near Jerusalem where Abraham took Isaac to be sacrificed
Book of the Bible detailing Abraham's life
Square shrine in the center of Mecca supposedly built by Abraham. Muslims pray toward this.
Place where Abram went for help during famine in Canaan
"El _____"; name means "The One who Sees Me"
The promised land
Near Sodom, Lot's daughters became pregnant here
Religion based on belief that Ishmael was the chosen son
City destroyed by God for its wickedness