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Constitution and Disney

An author of the Federalist Papers
The Founders greatly admired this earlier Republic
Compact which influenced Founders while writing the Constitution
What happens when you print too much money
3/5th compromise was concerned with counting these people toward representation in Congress
An authoritative command
One weakness of the Articles was that _____ printed their own money
Number of states needed to ratify the Constitution
Jefferson one said "A little rebellion ____ and then is a good thing.
Although a Princess, Simba's girlfriend is not listed as a "Disney Princess"
These states favored the Virginia Plan
A league of independent states or nations
The Federalist ______ were written by people in favor of ratifying the Constitution
The Great Compromise called for a ___cameral legislature
The Electoral _____ selects the President
The "Beauty" from "Beauty and the Beast"
The ____ Ordaince of 1785 divided the Northwest Territory into Five States
To be against
Before signing the Articles of Confederation, Maryland insisted that Virginia give up her land claims in the ______
Person or group which carries out laws or actions
Number of votes each state had under the A's of C
Opposite of "on"
The Little Mermaid
Disney Princess who cuts her hair and fights in the army
________, or small, states favored the New Jersey Plan
Under the Land Ordinance of 1785, sections 8, 11, 26, and 29 were set aside for this
Federalist were ____ the ratification of the Constitution
_____Carta, gave English noblemen some rights, influenced the writers of the Constitution
Father of the Constitution
First state to ratify the Constitution
Group which decides if laws have been carried out fairly and legally
One weakness of the Articles of Confederation is that the national government could not force the states to pay a ________
Type of government the Constitution established
The love of Aladdin
Under the Land Ordinance of 1785, section ___teen was set aside for education
To give up
Document that sets out the laws, principles and organization of a government
This was the most respected American to attend to Constitutional Convention
Virginia had this in their State Constitution, it was then copied by many other states before becoming the First Ten Amendments
Philosopher who wrote about separation of powers
Settlement in which each side gives up some of its demands in order to reach an agreement
A system of money
Group of people who have the power to make laws
Period of slow economic activity
Sleeping Beauty's name
House of Representatives was considered this
Separate parts of anything written
The Constitution begins with the phrase "___ the people, in order to form a more perfect union."
British Philosopher who influenced the writers of the Constitution
Under the Northwest Ordinance, new states would be _____ in size to existing states
In the Northwest Territory, states could not tax people who traveled on rivers; they could travel for _____
One weakness of the Articles of Confederation was that their was no national ________ to help protect states