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Cell Cycle & DNA

Chromatin condeses
The first enzyme in DNA replication
A class of diseases
DNA replication
When some of the cancer cells break away from the tumor
A specific region of DNA
Final part of cell cycle
An enzyme used in DNA replication
4th stage of cell
Small cylinder shaped organelle
Copying process by which a cell duplicates
Time of cell cycle
Sister chromatids seprate
A complete set of of identical chromosones
Enzymes that form bonds between nucleotides
One half of a duplicated chromosome
Once of a family of closely related proteins
Divided the cytoplasm into 2 cells
A model in which two strands of DNA wind around with eachother
Monomer that forms DNA
A region of the condensed chromosome
The last enzyme during DNA replication
Spindle fibers attach to a protein
Molecule that stores genetic information